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Honey Lavender Cheesecake

For Easter I always to make a springy dessert and this is the second year in a row that I've used lavender. I just love the flavor and smell. If you're unsure about all it takes is getting the right amount in a dish to be able to enjoy it. It's such a small flower but it packs a ton of flavor.

An option that I'm showing with this cheesecake is using the same technique I used to make my Christmas cheesecake which you can see here It looks really complicated but it just takes a little patience, food dye and an idea. I'm also using the same base recipe I used for that cheesecake as well.

Let's get started!!

Start by preparing a springform pan and preheating the oven to 350℉. If you don't have one use a pie tin. Wrap the pan with two pieces of aluminum foil. I used my food processor to crush my Maria cookies for the crust. If you can't find that kind of cookie you can use graham crackers or a biscuit cookie that's not very sweet. To granulate my piloncillo, I used a zester. If you don't want to do that you can use equal parts dark brown sugar as a substitute. Combine the crushed cookies, piloncillo and salt together and stir to combine. Pour into the pan and add the melted butter. If it looks a little dry, add more before baking the crust. Bake for about 5 minutes or until it gets a golden brown color. Set aside to cool.

Put the lavender in the heavy cream to infuse. Let that set for at least an hour. You can find the lavender I used here Beat the cream cheese until it is light and fluffy. Next add in the sugar, honey and vanilla and mix until combined. Add the eggs in one at a time, mixing well before adding the next one in. Strain the cream into the mixture so no lavender flowers get in the mixture. Mix until combined. You can go ahead and pout this over your crust or you can follow along to learn how to get the look I did.

Take out about a tablespoon full of batter for each color you want to use and put it in a small bowl. Pour the remaining batter into the pan. Add in the color of choice and stir until desired color is reached. Put the colored batter into a squeeze bottle. Carefully draw the design you want onto the batter in the pan. You can do just about anything you want with this. I based my design off a piece of wall art.

Place the pan in another baking pan that has tall sides. Place it in the oven then pour warm water about an inch up the side of the springform pan. Bake it for about an hour. Take it out and let it cool to room temperature for about 2 hours. Chill in the refrigerator at least 6 hours then remove the pan and enjoy!

If you want to add the gold accents like I did, I used these and placed them on with tweezers that I use specifically for food.

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