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Pop-Tart Christmas House

The holidays are officially upon us!! It's a little crazy this year so I needed to take a small break but I'm back ready to show you how to make your own Pop-Tart Christmas House. I'm actually not a fan of gingerbread houses. I love looking at ones other people made but I've made two in my life time (once for a school project) and I wasn't the biggest fan of it. So when I started to see Pop-Tart houses on my Pinterest feed I thought why not?

Let's get started!!

First we're going to cut two pieces to use as our front and back pieces. These will need to be cut to fit the roof. If you turn two Pop-Tarts on their side it's a great way to measure it out. The best way to make the cut is with a sawing motion. It's very easy to break it so be gentle. For the door I took some Pocky and cut them to size. Start with one piece as the largest part then cut the rest gradually going down.

For my "glue" I used Wilton's royal icing from my local Michael's. This stuff is great but don't leave it out because once it hardens there's no going back. Place some of the icing into either a disposable icing bag or a ziplock bag. Measure out a line of icing then add your first wall. To keep it from falling you can use the Pop-Tart box to hold it up. Repeat all the way around. Once all the walls are up and have set for a few minutes, make a line of icing for the roof. Gently place each piece then hold in place until it seems like it'll stay. I've seen tutorials that say you need to cut your roof pieces but using this method for the base makes cut pieces too small.

Your house should look similar to this below. You can stop here if you want because it still looks like a cute house. The next ideas are how I chose to decorate my house but please do whatever you want to make an awesome house (and make sure to tag me if you make one @kelseyskitchentx )

The first thing I wanted to add was some "Christmas lights" All you'll need for this is a bag of M&Ms and a bag of Mike and Ike candies. Start by splitting the green Mike and Ike's in half like so. Then take an M&M and push them together. The candy is sticky enough that it should hold on it's own. You can put them all over the house like I did or wherever you want. I used the royal icing to stick it to the house. Make sure you work one section at a time so the icing doesn't harden. It also helps to make sure to have the M facing the house. I may have missed a few 😅

For the pathway to the door and later the doorknob, I used the rest of the Mike and Ike's. Use the same method as before and slice them in half. For the "gravel" I crushed some Ojarascas (Mexican wedding cookies) from a trial recipe into a fine crumb. Now make a line of icing for one side of the pathway and attach the candies sticky side down until you reach the end. Repeat on the other side. Now fill the space between with icing and pour over the crushed cookies.

For the fence I used Pocky sticks that I cut to size. Going one section at a time, make a line of icing then gently place the sticks to your liking. You can go all around like I did or just a small portion. For the Christmas tree, I cut a La Molienda Mega Cone with Milk Candy to size. You won't need to use icing to hold it down because the milk candy will be sticky enough. Next take some green M&Ms and start attaching them to the cone using the icing. You can also do this with an ice cream cream. For the windows I found some leftover candies from a gift set. I dotted the icing where I wanted them to go and held them for a few seconds. Finally, for the wreath I used a marshmallow from a specialty bag I found for another project.

The gummy bears were able to stand on their own so I didn't need to use the icing. I took a few mini candy canes and cut them to size for a small chimney. I hope you got some great ideas for your own Pop-Tart Christmas house!

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